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so i’m seeing some posts going around with the basic intention to inform everyone that the 4chan raider people things are going around changing links on self help and hotline posts and whatnot into screamers and gore and all kinds of stuff that is equally as gross as they are so please be careful for the next little while and:

  1. make sure to check the link before you open it—in chrome (not sure about other browsers) if you hover over a link for a moment the url will come up in the bottom left corner of the browser window, so check before you click
  2. when in doubt, go back to the post’s source to get to the links that the original poster put up, those are guaranteed to be safe
  3. if you’re still not quite sure or you have doubts about it, it might just be safer to avoid tumblr for a little while entirely, just to be on the safe side

once again guys please stay safe and take care of yourselves, some of the things these guys are doing could be very dangerous for people with high anxiety or who are easily triggered so advance with caution and look out for each other!!

whoa, what’s this? a text post on zero’s blog? gasp! no way. but yes way!!! and it’s because i have something really important to talk to you guys about. it’s a little show called the switch (a fantastic transgender comedy). now let me explain to you why this show is so important.

  1. it’s about transgender people, literally about transgender people, which means that the main character and most of the supporting characters are actually transgender characters!!!!
  2. all of these characters are actually played by transgender actors and actresses???? wow!
  3. it’s also created by a canadian company (waves flag proudly!!!) called trembling void studios, which was founded by queer trans filmmaker amy fox — that’s right, the switch is written, acted out, developed, and entirely created by a team comprised of all kinds of people — consistently including transgender people.
  4. not only does it touch on the difficulties of being trans in very realistic but also lighthearted and even funny ways, it also touches on political issues, identity issues, demonic posession, sex work, priviledge, assassination, poverty, sorcery, dysphoria, access to support services, and resistance against a system that likes to pretend that outliers don’t exist. (i don’t know about you, but if you ask me i think everyone can relate to at least one of those. especially that last one — you don’t have to be trans to be an outlier.)
  5. not only does it touch on all of these things, but it isn’t actually a depressing show. if anything, it’s uplifting! it’s funny, cute, and it comes with a really nice feeling of solidarity. well, i think so, anyway. this is coming from a cisgender, fairly priviledged white girl who just graduated high school: this show is relatable, even if you’re not transgender or facing eviction or poverty or assassination or demons, you will find something for you in this show.
  6. super awesome soundtrack, what more can you ask for??? yooo!

i could go on for hours and hours — and believe me, i have, my friends are probably getting sick of it at this point??? — but those are probably the most pressing ones that i just!! really!! needed to talk about!! if you’re still reading this post all the way down here, thank you for taking the time to read this, the switch is really important and i really really hope we can get it out into the world. for starters, here are a few ways you can be a part of it too!!!

thanks again for taking the time to read this post, i get that it’s really long and everything but every donation counts, we really want to get this on TV guys!!! the cast is amazing and the material is gold, and it’s exactly the kind of social movement that the world needs right now. please reblog, or spread the word all on your own under the tag  #The Switch!!! 

know we can do this!!!


we did it kids. we climbed this whole mountain.


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Anonymous said: You are actually so awesome, I need to dye my hair blue,, What type of dye did you use friend? If you don't mind my asking.

i used manic panic :O
my hair was already a pretty light blond from a bunch of bleaching so i just used the colour atomic turquoise over that and left it for a half hour with a bag over my head
it looked pretty silly but it turned out okay C:


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